Pneumatic Wheel Motor Pneumatic
Berbagai macam acessories pneumatic, fitting, air filter dll
Berbagai macam roda omni dan meqanum
Motor Planetary gearbox, motor listrik dan encoder
Joint rod Male, Joint rod Female, Solenoid, Cylinder

CMU CAM4 Arduino - [ LCD ]

Rp 850,000.00

The video output of the RCA on the "CMUcam4" offers a great way to control (like a "debug" function). To do this, you will connect to a monitor or TV to NTSC (not included). To facilitate your development we offer a small LCD (optional) ideally designed for this function. More info about the LCD here. Once the "CMUcam4" board is powered on, it will display a welcome screen (allowing you to ensure proper functioning of the whole setup).

At this point, you have the option of following a manipulation on the two buttons of "CMUcam4" board and then enter "Test" mode. In this mode, the deck "CMUcam4" will analyze and store the color of the object that you present and then keep track of it. Also a rectangle of the perimeter of the object is to provide further guidance. If you place the "CMUcam4" on a pan and tilt device, it will ensure to always move towards the colored object that you have initially shown.


If you remove the colored object, a message appears on the screen to tell you that no color similar to that stored is present in front of the camera lens. 

The photos above shows the detection and monitoring of a colored pencil which can even detect the indication written on it through the monitor!If you show by example the color of your skin to "CMUcam4" during the learning phase, it can then easily track the movement of your hand or your face in real time.

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Mecanum Wheel - [ø151mm]

Rp 6,000,000.00

Bore: 1125 "diameter (28.6mm) 
Bolt Pattern: 0.20 "diameter holes on a 1875" bolt circle diameter 
Size Diameter: 5.95 inches (151mm) 
Width at rollers: 1.79 inches (30.3 inches Paired) at hub Width: 13.1 inches (2.50 Paired inches) 
Weight = 600g/pcs (4 wheels 2.4 kg) 
Side plates: 0.04 "thick steel, zinc plated 
Rollers: non-marking, gray rubber SBR, 0.75 "diameter x 1.5" long Load Capacity is 80 kg ( 160 pounds) per wheel (LH & RH Paired).

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Wheel - [ø145mm øshaft40mm]

Rp 250,000.00
Wheels can be used for robot wheel weight 500g, 70kg payload. Outer diameter 145mm width 40mm shaft gear can be mounted directly to the deceleration of the motor shaft diameter from 8 to 24mm wheels are molded with high strength aluminum, silicon coated shell and there are many free software should have high grip.

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Omni whell - [ø25mm]

Rp 90,000.00
Rib wheels made ​​of plastic PA,
eight satellite gear is CNC machined from 6061 aluminum hard durable wheels run smoothly and help reduce wear significantly during use.
type wheel can be used as steering wheel volume 30g but load 15kg 40mm outer diameter. 25mm thick. 8mm diameter
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Omni whell - [ø125mm]

Rp 450,000.00
Omni 2 layers of plastic, made ​​in Austraylia.
60kg load,
outer diameter 125 mm, thickness 44 mm,
the wheel is made ​​satellite around PU durable plastic.

Price will be reduced if ordering 10 pcs / times.
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Lipo Voltage Alarm - [2s - 4s]

Rp 70,000.00

Simple to use Lipoly low voltage alarm that is small and light for on board use, plugs into balance lead for detecting low voltage on individual cells. A loud alarm will sound and LED will change from Green to Red if any individual cell drops to 3.3v or below.

Spec.Lipoly Range: 2s~4s                               
Size: 38x25x11mm  
Weight: 7g
Voltage Accuracy: 0.03v
Low Voltage Alarm Threshold: 3.3v (per cell)

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Gold Connector - [93A]

Rp 20,000.00
Rated to around 93A ,
Gold connectors on their own are notorious for creating a short circuit and looking messy,
Use these to keep your connections safe and looking neat!
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Female XT60 connectors Genuine

Rp 10,000.00

Female XT60 connectors GENUINE

Excellent W.S. Deans T-connector replacements.
Made from high-temp Nylon and gold plated spring connectors, both included in the injection mould at the time when forming the connector. The XT60 ensures a solid high-amp connection, perfect for applications up to and beyond 65A constant.
Hobbyking will begin to include the XT60 on all batteries up to 3,000mAh in capacity in the near future!
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Nylon XT60 Connectors F/M

Rp 20,000.00

Nylon XT60 Connectors Male/Female
Excellent W.S. Deans T-connector replacements.
Made from high-temp Nylon and gold plated spring connectors, both included in the injection mould at the time when forming the connector. The XT60 ensures a solid high-amp connection, perfect for applications up to and beyond 65A constant.

Hobbyking will begin to include the XT60 on all batteries up to 3,000mAh in capacity in the near future!
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Baterai Lipo - [2,2A 11.1V 3Cell]

Rp 350,000.00

Spesifikasi :

Minimum Capacity: 2200mAh (True 100% Capacity)
Configuration: 3S1P / 11.1v / 3Cell
Constant Discharge: 20C
Peak Discharge (10sec): 30C
Weight: 185g
Pack Size: 103 x 33 x 24mm
Charge Plug: JST-XH
Discharge Plug: XT60
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Motor DC - [24V250W 2500rpm]

Rp 900,000.00

Spesifikasi :

  1. Tegangan 24VDC
  2. Daya 250W
  3. Berat 2kg, 2.5kg
  4. 2500 rpm
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Electric Motor - [245W, 350W, 450W]

Rp 1,200,000.00

Motor 250W 1400k Berat 2,2 kg
Motor 350W 1550k Berat 2,4 kg
Motor 450W 1700k Berat 2,6 kg

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Pneumatic Cylinder - [ CD85N10-100-B ]

Rp 198,000.00

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CMU CAM4 shield - [ Camera ]

Rp 1,750,000.00

Open Source Programmable Embedded Color Vision Platform
The CMUcam4 is a fully programmable embedded computer vision sensor. The main processor is the 8 core Parallax P8X32A (Propeller Chip) connected to an OmniVision 9665 CMOS camera sensor module.

Full Documentation on the CMUcam4 Website:

Fully open source and re-programmable using the Propeller Tool
Arduino Shield Compatible w/ Supporting Interface Libraries and Demo Applications for the Arduino and BASIC Stamp
VGA resolution (640x480) RGB565/YUV655 color sensor
Image processing rate of 10 frames per second
Raw image dumps over serial or to flash card (640:320:160:80)x(480:240:120:60) image resolution
RGB565/YUV655 color space

Onboard Image Processing (QQVGA 160x120)
Track user defined color blobs in the RGB/YUV color space
Mean, median, mode and standard deviation data collection
Segmented (thresholded) image capture for tracking visualization (over serial or to flash card) 80x60 image resolution
Monochrome color space

Histogram generation (up to 128 Bins)
Arbitrary image clipping (windowing)

µSD/µSDHC/µSDXC flash card slot with FAT16/32 full file system driver support w/ Directory and File manipulation

I/O Interfaces
Two-port servo controller (pan and tilt w/ 1us resolution at a 50 Hz refresh rate) Pan and/or Tit servo channels can be configured as GPIOs

Indicator user controllable LED (red) and power LED (green)
TTL UART (up to 115200 baud , 19200 baud by default)

Monochrome baseband analog video output (NTSC/PAL) of 160x120 resolution for tracking visualization (segmented (thresholded) image w/ color centroid and bounding box overlay at 10 FPS)
CMUcam4 GUI for viewing images on the PC.

Comparable to a smart video sensor can recognize colors, the "CMUcam4" will enable (in association with your microcontroller) fun mobile robots capable of reacting with their environment in order to follow or avoid different objects. To do this it will suffice to your microcontroller (PIC ®, AVR ®, ARM ™, module PICBASIC, CUBLOC, Basic Stamp ™, Arduino ™, etc ...) to send (via its serial port) a sequence of ASCII commands corresponding actions that you will want it to do. For example, the commands:
L1 -> turn on the LED of the "CMUcam4" 
L0 -> turn off the LED in the "CMUcam4"

By the same principle, more complex orders can be sent to manage the detection of color indicating the "CMUcam4" the outer limits of the RGB components of the color you want to search. Therefore, each pixel of the image will be analyzed and compared with your values ​​in order to return the coordinates of pixels are in the top left (x1, y1) and the most bottom right (x2, y2) that match your request. With your information microcontroller can locate the colored object and react accordingly. The "CMUcam4" recognizes nearly 70 commands.

Steering actuators

The "CMUcam4" have 2 receiver pin for servos (not included). These actuators can be used to make a  PAN and TILT movement to receive the "CMUcam4". The turret will then be automatically controlled by the "CMUcam4" to always move towards the center of the colored object. Please note that an external power source to power the actuators required.
 Possible testing and communication via computer ™

Note that the 6-pin male connector on this "CMUcam4" is specially designed to receive a cord USB serial optional (proposed below). This cable will not only feed the "CMUcam4" from the USB port of a computer, but also to test its capabilities back on the PC by sending commands through a simple series entry terminal (hyperterminal type or other) . 
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Motor DC - [24V 17W 140rpm 50:1]

Rp 125,000.00

This engine used exclusively for lifting, clamping, degenerations, drumming or can be used to run the Autonomous do not need high speed. Power 24VDC , speed 140 r / min, capacity 17 w. Torque torque 2.5Nm 250g weight, 6mm shaft diameter reducer system is 50:1 But steel, absolutely no arrest occurs pinion tanks , not the phenomenon of broken flesh.
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Pneumatic Tubing - ø4mm

Rp 123,500.00
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Solenoid SY3120 - 5LZD - C4 Japan 2nd

Rp 270,000.00
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Autonic Rotary Encoder E30S Series

Rp 650,000.00
"E30S Series"

Diameter Ø30mm shaft type incremental rotary encoder E30S Series is easy to be installed at narrow space by minimizing space limit. Small moment of inertia is another feature of the series to optimize user convenience.

*Miniature ø30mm shaft type rotary encoder
*Easy installation at narrow space
*Small inertia moment
*Wide range of power supply : 5VDC, 12-24VDC ±5%
*Various output types



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